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Fairfield Pressings Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned and trusted name in manufacturing of sheet metal pressing and sub assemblies supported by own tool room. It all started in 1976, when Mr. V. M. Jagtap (D.M.E. & D. Met.) laid the foundation of M/s. Veejay Engineers. Being a young, experienced and confident entrepreneur, within a small time span he built for Veejay Engineering a trusted image in the field of press components. Keeping in tune with the advancements in the field, the company maintained an excellent track record of growth.


Due to this continuous growth and the resultant hi-tech requirements and customers expectations, Fairfield Pressings Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 1982 and built-up a total in-house infrastructure and started operation on 28th June 1986. From then on it has never looked back and has reached the turnover of nearly Rs. 5 crores, handling upto 350 tons of pressings.