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Fairfield Pressings Pvt. Ltd.
  • Equipped with 50 Tons to 800 Tons small to large bed mechanical & hydraulic presses, where majority of the presses are imported from UK/GERMANY.

  • Fabrication facility with all type of welding machines e.g. Spot Welding guns, Integrated Welding Guns, Capacitor discharge projection machines, TIG/MIG machines, Arc Welding machines.

  • Tool room facility is activated to support all time needed tools manufacturing & maintenance. Tool room is equipped with vertical Machining Center, CNC Wire Cut machine, Small & Large Bed Grinding machine, Radial Drilling and SIP JIG Boring Machine and all conventional machines.

  • 50 Tons to 400 Tons Mechanical Presses

  • Fabrication & Assembly Shop

  • Tool room is supported by computerized design center with qualified and versatile tool designers & engineers.

  List of Machineries  
  Tool Room  
     Vertical Machining Center Radial Drilling machine
  CNC Wire cut machine Pillar Mounted Vertical Drilling machines
  Surface grinding Machine Center Lathe machines
  Small & Large bed surface Grinding machines

Utility Service

     Screw compressors Overhead EOT crane
  Battery Driven Fork Lift Diesel Engine driven Fork Lift
  Diesel Generating Set    
  Press Shop
     800 Ton Mechanical Press 400 Ton Mechanical Press
  250 Ton Mechanical Press 160 Ton Mechanical Press
  150 Ton Mechanical Press 100 Ton Mechanical Press
  63 Ton Mechanical Press 50 Ton Mechanical Press
  160 Ton Hydraulic / Mechanical Press
  Fabrication Shop  
     MIG/ TIG Machines Arc Welding
     Integrated Spot Welding Guns Butt Welding
  Spot Welding CO2 Welding Facilities
  Projection Welding